How does the plugin work?

It adds multiple featured images support to WordPress, and replaces your existing single thumbnail with a responsive slider of multiple thumbnails.

Is the plugin compatible with my theme?

It is compatible with any theme developed following WordPress standard, which says the theme should use WordPress thumbnail functions to display post thumbnail. Ask your theme author if you are not sure,  here’s a letter you can send to your theme author; copy and paste!

I’m interested in using Ultimate Post Thumbnails plugin on my page <http://url-to-your-page> and I was wondering if the thumbnails are generated via WordPress thumbnail functions – the_post_thumbnailget_the_post_thumbnail, or created by Visual Composer*


*  Visual Composer is a popular page builder plugin, it’s compatible with Ultimate Post Thumbnails.

Can I change thumbnail size?

Yes, the plugin is designed to respect the thumbnail size defined by your theme, but you can change it in plugin setting.

Will the plugin change my thumbnail style, hover effect?

In most cases, no. It inherits your theme styles, and even animations, but no guarantee, there are tens of thousands of WordPress themes out there, we have no time to test theme all.